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At Collins Place Physio, we offer a number of different services to treat a diverse range of injuries and pain.

Our therapists are experienced professionals who are skilled at assessing individual conditions and fluent in the most effective methods of treatment. 

Our services include Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage plus Orthopedic Bracing and Camwalker fittings. We also specialise in complex treatment of jaw issues (TMJ). 




Physiotherapy Melbourne

The primary goal of Physiotherapy is to facilitate recovery from any pain or dysfunction caused by a musculoskeletal injury. This means any issues caused by muscle, joint or nerve problems.

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Remedial Massage Melbourne

Also known as Clinical Massage, Remedial Massage involves treating soft tissue dysfunction through hands-on manipulation, ultimately working to rehabilitate, maintain and enhance the body’s natural mobility.

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Treatment of Jaw (TMJ) Issues Melbourne

Problems with the jaw may lead to a host of unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, painful clicking, limited opening or other altered function and jaw pain.

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Ergonomics Melbourne

What is Ergonomics? Ergonomics is the process of designing and arranging work spaces, systems and products so that they are appropriate for the people using them.

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